Logo & Branding


Cloud consulting agency. 

Letters C & N are the Clients initials.

The C shape, represents a cloud. The N joins in strength & support reaching towards the sky -  'The Cloud'. 

Below are mock ups of 3 logos developed throughout the process.


Fitscreen - A health and fitness service provided by a Nurse and personal trainer.

My client asked for the branding to look clinical and to have more of a focus on health screening as their target group would be those who may have underlying health conditions or injuries. A combination of an heart, an ECG monitor and dumbbells were used to create the logo.

The word screen was italicised to give the impression of movement & fitness. 

Below, a flyer which was used to promote the business, Business cards which were also used for clients to document the progress and take note of weekly measurements.

Also the logo used on staff t-shirts.

fitscreen mock up.png
fitscreen tshirt.png

Health and Fitness Coach

My client requested an illustration of a strong female and specified for the logo not to appear too soft or delicate. A combination of pink, grey and black were used whilst adding sharp shapes & letters. This kept the design feminine without being overly delicate.

Futura was used as its capitalised letters have sharp corners.


Advertisement developed for instagram and also made available as a printed flyer as seen here.


Sample stationary, business cards and client documents using brand elements. The shapes and angles are taken from lettering in the logo.